Looks do matter! Versatile is a multitasking cabinet in solid Oak with feet and inserts made in Wenge. Versatile and unique. Or rather… versatile is unique!

  • Unique, innovative design
  • Ideal for both the living and night areas of the house
  • Handy, with plenty of storing space
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Materials: Solid oak, Wenge

Description: Versatile is a cabinet with an atypical, slightly steep front. It is composed by a parallelepiped and a shelf held by a continuous rope. Freeing or reeling the rope the shelf be lowered or pulled up, and a simple knot holds it in place.

Fit for every environment, it can be put either in the day or sleeping area of you house, used as a nightstand, as a desk, near your sofa as a side table, as a TV table or as a console table. Its design is clean and geometric.


Finishes: clear acrylic paint

The Ebonist tells his tale:

ebanista racconta
As I told you talking about Disquadro, Versatile comes from a family of three modules, each with its own unique shape. They were originally born to be combined as TV units, but then as one became part of the table the other two remained. As I moved my furniture around, I discovered how Versatile shape could be used for many different ends.

Now Versatile has reached complete independence, and can adapt to any space or situation.


Its shelf, that can be moved up and down and fixed with a simple knot to his continuous rope, makes it even more versatile, just as his name says.


But what about the last remaining module? Well, that actually ended up as a TV unit in the end…

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