Sardinian Warrior




Sarde made with reclaimed woods

design Giulio Iacchetti


Look tradition in the eyes, look into the future

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Timeless Elegance Is Matter Of Semplicity


Close your eyes.
Breathe in and find the unmistakable scent of wood.

Imagine a traditional artisan shop, the ancient trade being passed from father to son.
Dream about creations able to take your breath away with their unique design. Open your eyes…


Ebanisteria Meccanica was the name of the old wood workshop of grandpa Diego.
It was my dream. Now it has become something more.

Precious, high quality creations for the refined, original, exclusive interior decor.

Ebanisteria Meccanica Collection

Prepare to be amazed by the exclusive creation of the Ebanisteria Meccanica collection.
Where art, harmony, intensity and continuity find new spaces to reach.

Why “Ebanisteria”?

The ancient art of working with the highest quality woods, like ebony, was born in France during the 17th century, and can be also translated with the French word “Ebénisté” or with the rare English “Ebonist”.

Why “Meccanica”?

In our quest we are guided by the love of human ingenuity, and of simple mechanical devices that can make life easier, without having to renounce beauty. Libreria ad Incastri, Aladino and Versatile are our best examples of this.

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