Libreria ad Incastri


The elegant minimal lines of this bookshelf bring to mind the harmony and balance of Zen artifacts and Japanese temples, but it is its unmistakable style that blends space and functionality which is what makes this bookshelf so unique.

As Einstein said: “Out of clutter, find simplicity”. The complex system of joints of this bookshelf aims to achieve exactly that by the harmony of its shapes.

It is said that those who collect books also collect wishes, and we want you to choose your own…

  • Harmonic & Essential Design
  • Completely interlocked: no bolts, screws or glue needed
  • Easy to build and to move
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Materials: Solid Oak and Wenge

Description: The Libreria Ad Incastri (Wood locked Bookshelf) is a sophisticated concept, all while remaining very easy to build, use and move. Its self-holding frame in solid oak is held by a series of solid Wenge wedges. Each single component has been cut from a single piece of wood, so that no glue or metal parts are required. All the singular pieces are thought to make transportation effortless. Building the bookshelf itself is easy and intuitive, and can be done without needing any tools.

Finishes: Beeswax

Prizes: The project was selected for the “Young & Design” prize created by GDA (“giornale dell’arredamento”, and received a special mention by the Salone Del Mobile in Milan (2012).

The Ebonist tale:

ebanista racconta
“This project was the one that made me bring back the name Ebanisteria Meccanica (Mechanical Woodworking). My goal has always been creating something unique that exalted the many properties of wood. To do that I chose to give myself strict rules: every element had to be made from a single piece of wood, and gluing different pieces was forbidden. I shaped all the pieces to make sure transportation was easy: when undone it makes a cuboid shape, as the legs are exactly half the length of every shelf. Bolts and feet are held in a small independent case. Everything is structured so that wood can interact with wood just by matching shapes, and without needing to add any metal elements. All this together gives its structure great strength and stability, and it grows even sturdier with its contents weight. It is an invitation to fill it completely with your books and culture.”


“I was thinking about creating something like this for a while, to use just wood and tongues and grooves, as a way to reach true essentiality. One night I went to sleep, ruminating about solving the structure. It is often said that the night brings counsel, and right on cue I woke up with the vivid image of how the joints would have worked in my mind. I had solved it! My wife was asleep. I woke her up shouting “I’ve got it!”. She turned slightly towards me and snarled “go back to sleep!”.

“The morning after I started building it.”

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