Why should you have to choose between form and essence when you can have both? Art is not made of middle measures, but of astonishing absolutes. With its modern design, this unique-shaped Lounge table is perfect for any modern or classic environment. It is made to astonish without question, just as a bolt of lightning or love at first sight.

  • Elegant shapes
  • Great stability
  • Broad surface
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Materials: Solid Oak, Wenge


Description: Built out of solid durmast oak with inserts and feet in Wenge: under the broad plane (133 x 73 cm), you have misaligned rectangular frames, connected by shelves put at different heights to offer a space in which to store books or little objects. This Disquadro lounge table has clean, linear shapes, great stability and even greater versatility.

Finishes: acrylic clear paint.

Prizes: Receives a special mention at the “Young & Design” prize of 2013.

The Ebonist tale:

ebanista racconta

“The Disquadro lounge table and the Versatile cabinet are cousins. I started by thinking that I actually needed a table for my house. I already built the top of it and in my free time, I kept thinking about the structure that had to sustain it. It was 2013 and one day, browsing the internet, I discovered that the terms for the Young & Design prize had almost expired: the year before I had brought them the Libreria. I had only two weeks left to present them with the project.
I thought: “I have to finish the table!”

At the time, I was working on a series of projects: two independent modules that could be combined.  Those also had ropes to hold up the shelves (one was Versatile). I thought about using this idea to finish our TV cabinet. The modules where three in total.

While I was thinking about how to finish the table, I noticed the shortest one of the three. I would have fit perfectly under the lounge table. This element was a rectangular frame with a certain depth, so I thought about splitting it in two asymmetrical shapes. I put them under the table, a bit far from one another, and started experimenting.

I moved the two squares lengthwise under the table, one facing the other. The two squares where off each other axis. From that the name “Disquadro” (Un-Square).

I connected the two squares with two shelves at different heights, put feet under them and took pictures just in time to enter the “Young & Design” Prize. You already know how that went for me…

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Weight 60 kg

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  1. Charles

    Very happy for my purchase! Very functional and beautiful lounge table, Disquadro is essential part of my home.

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