Gruccia W

Who are you calling a simple coat hanger? Here we have for you the perfect idea for a unique gift with a clean, harmonic and serviceable shape. Trying to take inspiration from renaissance sculpture seemed risky at first, but who can resist the temptation of a new challenge?

  • Flexuous lines
  • Completely handmade
  • One-of-a-kind gift idea
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Materials: Solid oak, Wenge

Description: The hanger is a reproduction of a model from the early ‘900’s, re-invented and produced in three versions: Wenge with oak collar, oak with Wenge collar, beech.  The hook is stainless steel. Surprising gift idea with a clean, harmonic and serviceable design.

Finishes: beeswax

The Ebonist tale:

I remember as if it was yesterday: the first time I walked into that house I immediately noticed those antique hangers forgotten in an old wardrobe. I thought they were beautiful.

After that, I went through a hard time and almost forgot about it. But art won’t let you forget about her, and when she enters your heart it means she is there to stay. It is also an incredible way to move forward through the challenges that life puts in our paths.

As soon as I managed to get that hard moment behind me the memory of those antique hangers came knocking to my mind. I tried to imagine something that was completely new: I wanted to realize an object that was useful, serviceable and that could be a tribute to art and history.

I wanted to put everything into a hanger. You see how it ended up being so much more than that.”

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