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Such a delicate shape hides inside a tremendous strength, able to open even the hardest shells without any effort. To call Aladino a nutcracker is reductive to say the least: this is something straight out of a magic lamp. Is your wish to have, or to give somebody, something really unique? Well, as the Genie would have put it: “your wish is our command!”.

  • Revolutionary
  • Easy to use
  • Unique and unmatched
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Materials: Iroko (body); Wenge (arms and hammer); marine plywood (base, wheel, handle); Stainless Steel (Main lever, mounting pins, gear spring); Rubber (non-slip heels)

Description: Aladino uses a powerful double lever system: just turn the hammer and choose between two sizes: one bigger (for nuts) and one smaller (for hazelnuts, for example). The mechanism is balanced by a steel spring, holding the lever in place and keeping it always loaded and ready to be used.

Aladino is a kitchen appliance by nature, but its idiosyncratic style makes it a beauty to look at and a great addition to every room. Each one is completely handmade. Aladino is a distinctive gift idea, and with his stylish packaging it becomes really unique. It is available in 5 different versions & colors.

Finishes: Beeswax (plain version); water paint (colored version).

The Ebonist tale: “There are not many stories like Aladino’s. Would you like to discover it?”

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