Giulio Iacchetti signs the new collection of Ebanisteria Meccanica

An exciting journey into the purest Sardinian tradition, reinterpreted by an exceptional Art Director

In the heart of the wood is enclosed the secret of a timeless moment, a primordial heritage passed on with constancy from generation to generation, thanks to the ancient artisan wisdom rich in technical, material and cultural knowledge that today risks disappearing. Among the realities in the forefront to save the precious work of craftsmanship, Ebanisteria Meccanica gives body to a vision that the owner, Diego Moretti, has been chasing for a long time: to return to see many masters working behind their benches, in the best craft tradition of his homeland, Sardinia. In this mission, Ebanisteria Meccanica relies on the creativity of Giulio Iacchetti and together they present some new products with a strong Sardinian imprint, a distinctive feature that is easily recognizable in every single detail.

The new era of Ebanisteria Meccanica starts right from here, from Sardinia and its origins, from that magic land in which the roots of the brand have always been rooted, on impulse and in spirit of the newborn partnership with Giulio Iacchetti, who will follow the sassarese brand also as Art Director for other new projects. Inspired by one of the most famous masks of the Sardinian Carnival, Boès mirror is the first of a series of projects by Iacchetti. It was designed with the aim of recovering those traditional values that, while continuing to live in the fibers of each previous creation, were almost hidden, or not perfectly evident.

“What impressed me about Ebanisteria Meccanica, before anything else, is its name, which I find of a truly extraordinary modernity – says Giulio Iacchetti; – In the project of Ebanisteria Meccanica I certainly see the potential to create a bridge between past and present, recovering the small stories of Sardinia and its great artisan heritage, whose essence is enclosed in small villages. Sardinia expresses a great quantity of symbols, archetypes and unique materials, and certainly represents a wonderful design territory to explore together with Ebanisteria Meccanica. With these products we propose a return to a local dimension: the intent is to recover the entire Sardinian cultural imaginary, which can easily dialogue with all of Italy and the whole world. What makes our proposal really unique will be the will to dig into the most iconic topics of Sardinian tradition, in all those elements with great imaginative power that warm every heart”.

If in Sardinian folklore the Boès and the Merdulès symbolize the comparison between primordial instinct and reason, in the Boès mirror it seems to relive that dialogue between form and substance that, from 1931 to today, has successfully characterized every single creation of Ebanisteria Meccanica.The first carpentry laboratory was opened in Sassari by Diego Moretti, a student of the Clemente brothers, the historic sassarese furniture factory. The family tradition was later continued by his son, Antonio Moretti, to continue to this day with the innovations made by Diego Moretti, who bears the same name as his grandfather. The first historic carpentry laboratory was opened in Sassari by Diego Moretti, a student of the historic Sassarese furniture factory of the Clemente brothers and grandfather of the current owner, and the family tradition was later continued by his son, Antonio Moretti, to continue to this day with the innovations made by Diego Moretti, who bears the same name as his grandfather.  Also in the other products, moreover, aesthetics and substance are continuously mixed, without interruption, giving life to creations capable of combining elegance and sobriety, functionality and design.

“Giulio Iacchetti gave me a real shake – says Diego Moretti, owner of Ebanisteria Meccanica; – His intuition was really enlightening, because it allowed me to rediscover some traits of my land and to use them wisely in these new products. By combining the family know-how and Giulio’s imagination, I am sure that we will be able to give life to other valuable artifacts of great aesthetic and conceptual value”.

Among the other novelties designed by Iacchetti there is also a wooden horse designed for children, which in the intentions of Ebanisteria Meccanica aims to represent a real celebration of one of the animals most closely linked to the history of Sardinia, the horse.

Behind every creation of Ebanisteria Meccanica a sort of halo of mystery appears clearly visible, as if the almost centenarian tradition of its craftsmen continued to live on also in the products made in the present, always vibrant with new emotions. To all this, thanks to Giulio Iacchetti’s intuition, have been added the values and traditions of a mythical land, Sardinia, a touch of magic that makes Ebanisteria Meccanica even more extraordinary, infusing it with new life.