Conceiving an object from scratch, searching for the right functional and artistic form, simplifying the possible. So the Aladino project becomes a new product, available in the new section E-Shop of Ebanisteria Meccanica. Aladino is the nutcracker that simplifies the opening of walnuts and hazelnuts.

The powerful system of levers is bound on a wooden body Iroko solid; the mechanism is constituted by a marine plywood wheel that distributes the force to the two arms and the Wenge wood hammer; the latter offers two different sizes for the break of walnuts and hazelnuts thanks to a simple rotation. Its new and elegant line exalts simple and strong features; beautiful to look at and easy to use, it can be both a working machine and a decorative object. The craftsmanship of the production process distinguishes all of Ebanisteria meccanica’s products and is a unique value that the company offers to its customers. The new section E-Shop will make it possible purchasing it from anywhere in the world with a fast and efficient delivery system that will get Aladino directly to your home, or send it to a different address, perhaps to make a nice gift.

Watch the Aladino’s Video

Picture: Chiara De Propis, Salvatore Coinu