Ebanisteria Meccanica is a project born from an idea by Diego Moretti, a young wood artisan who’s always been passionate with this material, its structure, its plastic properties and its elegance.

The road that led to the birth of Ebanisteria Meccanica started from the traditional artisan workshop, where the discipline of this kind of job was passed on from father to son.
This unique path, based on the crafting of raw materials, led to a meeting with the nautical industry: in 2004 we produced Protonio, a hull prototype made on commission that was exposed at the international boat show at the Grand Pavois de La Rochelle, France. Our boat received a special mention by the jury for the innovations in the project and the in building techniques and the “Colpo di Fulmine” prize awarded by the audience.
The following year our visit in Cantù, “the furniture city”, was crucial: a trip of experience, culture and study of our craft that led to the creation of a second hull prototype.
“Velivolo”, a name inspired by its aerodynamic shape, was exposed at the fairs in Genova, Marseille and La Rochelle, receiving positive reviews on national and international specialised press.In the wake of these achievements in the nautical sector, in 2008 the Cantiere Moretti is officially introduced: a place dedicated to the building of ships and other structures, all strictly made of wood.


During the years the Cantiere went through several transitional phases, from shipbuilding to traditional bespoke carpentry, but always keeping its flair for innovation and the conception of new products intact. This led to the realisation of prototypes of various kinds, in which the use of new materials was coupled with the study of new shapes and functionalities. Hence the Cantiere’s horizons stretched beyond nautical carpentry.
In 2011 our “Boltless Bookcase” was selected for the “Young & Design 2012″ contest (launched by Rima Editrice – GdA), receiving the special mention at the International Furniture Fair. This project is complex, although its goals are easiness of assembling, use and transport. The bookcase holds itself together, thanks to a system of joints, using keys that constitute its clamping pegs. Each of its components is made out of a single block, thus avoiding bonding and junctions. These various elements are small and easy to handle: their assembling is simple and intuitive, and can be executed without the aid of any tool. All these features make our “Boltless Bookcase” a complex project, rich in solutions and simple in form.

The bookcase and its philosophy of construction represent the keystone of an artistic growth that led to an important entrepreneurial choice: Cantiere Moretti becomes Ebanisteria Meccanica. The name, inherited from the past, is that of the old carpentry workshop that belonged to Diego Moretti’s grandfather: a homage to his family and an honor for him. In its products, Ebanisteria Meccanica wants to tie together rigour and innovation, future and tradition, all combined with a great care for detail and practicality.

“Ebanisteria Meccanica is born, a company that wants to stand out through its own very excellence”      Diego Moretti

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